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Egypt’s Startup “Wuilt” raises $535,000 seed for its Online Arabic Website Builder

Websites are built in English for a common Global understanding, and it has become very easy over the past few years to build it. There are many online tools that can help you to do that just by a few clicks, and these are with tons of customization options. However, the same cannot be said as about building Arabic websites.

The international tools are usually in English and do not support Arabic, and even if it supports the language, there are very limited options for customizations.

Wuilt is a Middle Eastern startup that is trying to resolve this issue. It’s an online Arabic website builder and available as a SaaS platform that was previously launched in the year 2019 succours the individuals and businesses for creating their websites as little as in 5 minutes.

The founders of this startup; Ahmed Rostom, Mahmoud Metwaly, and Mohamed Hegazy built this platform to enable the people who have little knowledge of building, creating, and managing their Arabic websites.

Simply they are building a Canva for the Arabic website building or a Square-space for the Arabic websites it is up to you like whatever you choose to call it. As per the report, Wuilt has recently announced that it has raised $535,000 seed funding from a UK-based MENA Technology Fund, a Saudi’s Daal VC, Flat6Labs Cairo, and some angel investors.

Wuilt is an all-in-one Arabic platform today that offers a range of features that fit businesses of all sizes small, medium or large, and across all industries. Wuilt, surely takes the hassle out of the web designing and also saves your time. In a few minutes, your business can have a professional and sleek website.

Ahmed Rostom, CEO and a co-founder of Wuilt says that “We came across many of our friends and businesses struggle just to get a professional website that is designed to their style and also design especially in Arabic. This step highly motivated us as a team to work on it and to bridge the gap by providing a solution, and hence for the resolution Wuilt was developed and launched”.

The plan of this startup starts from $5 a month, and it goes as high as $15 per month. Wuilt also offers a free trial of 14-days for its platform. This startup claims to be serving around 30,000 free users and also to paying users in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, Wuilt is focused on the specific language of Arabic, but its platform also supports English.

The users will have advance features and can choose between pre-designed section blocks and also the customize options in the colour palettes, font combinations can also be selected easily as to create their multilingual websites.

Wuilt is also in the process of launching an amazing e-commerce enablement platform that will easily enable people to create their online stores (similar to Shopify but in Arabic), and it intends to use their fresh capital for it just in addition to also spending on its expansion and its presence in Saudi Arabia. About 30% of Wuilt’s customers are from one country Saudi Arabia.

Abdulrahman Alqahtani, the CEO of Daal VC, said “Enabling the SMEs by providing them with the state-of-the-art technology just to create the business’ digital frontier is seriously not an easy task. The market in to which Wuilt is serving is considered to be as the future of most of our regional economies. With a robust solution and a scalable technology, we all believe that Wuilt will become a great success story in the coming years as the near future.”

As per the report, the startup has witnessed a great spike in its numbers since the lockdowns due to start of Covid-19, without sharing any further details. And due to Covid-19, many of the offline businesses that previously did not have or think about having their online presence were forced to serve online and build one website.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasimhttps://startuppakistan.com.pk/
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