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Electric Cars in Pakistan – Best Electric Cars with Price

The worldwide car industry is moving towards battery-controlled vehicles as they are advanced, up-to-date, and asset effective. For Pakistan, transport modernization is the need of great importance.

As of late the Government of Pakistan has adopted a functioning strategy towards protecting the environment and advancing the travel industry. Henceforth, moving towards an eco-accommodating choice in the neighborhood car area is a positive development.

Various pollution-free electric cars in Pakistan are available. These cars are useful for the future generation and will play a crucial role in a clean environment as they are smoking-free and friendly to the environment. That’s why. People want to know about the best electric cars in Pakistan and electric car prices in Pakistan.

Electric cars in Pakistan are being promoted to provide a pollution-free environment for living. The govt aimed to get 30% of electric cars in Pakistan by the end of 2030 to overcome the pollution problem. The very first electric car in Pakistan was introduced in collaboration with China.

How Does An Electric Vehicle Work?

How an Electric Vehicle works is that it runs on a battery-powered battery. This battery is charged using a plug. This implies they run on spotless, environmentally friendly power and are bereft of exhaust radiators and burning-related frameworks.

This means EVs are harmless to the ecosystem as well as less expensive to keep up with as the fuel cost is extraordinarily chopped down. They don’t leave a carbon print like other conventional fuel-devouring vehicles and are in general less expensive to keep up with.

The Extent Of The Industry

Right now the Electric Vehicle is a newborn child industry and all together for this industry to blossom and develop, we need to beat the boundaries of model and foundation. Some startups in Pakistan are also working on bringing Electric Cars in Pakistan.

Charging units should be built for electric vehicles and need to additionally extend the electrical charging network. Presently, there is an absence of information and comprehension of the component of these vehicles too, and preparing mechanics in this specific section will require time.

Purchasers, be that as it may, have as of now shown revenue in this market as a significant number of EVs have additionally been imported universally like Tesla, Porsche Taycan, and Nissan Leaf. This implies the market is prepared to invite this specialty and a presentation of these vehicles is expected. Presently, the SUV fragment has invited two electric vehicles in particular Audi E-Tron and MG ZS.

Here are all the details about electric cars in Pakistan with their price.

Best Electric Cars in Pakistan

The best electric cars not only provide remarkable functioning, comfortable, and guarded riding experience but provide all the exceptional features and specifications that any luxurious car contains. Some of the well-known best electric cars in Pakistan are the followings.

Crown Electric Cars

The Crown group of industries is proving the crown electric cars for the users to promote a pollution-free environment. These cars are available at a relatively low price but with improved features and functioning. Its first two models are available in the market. It is also working on other projects related to electric automobiles.

Specifications and features

  • Both models of Crown electric car come with an electric engine with a BLDC motor of 1200 wats.
  • Available in 3 and 4 seating capacity, respectively.
  • Both have dry lead-acid lithium batteries with a 4.8 KWh (60V 80 Ah).
  • It ranges from 80 to 85 kilometers of complete charge with a maximum speed of 40 to 45 Km/hour. And the cost per kilometer is around 1.2.
  • The environment is friendly and pollution-free.
Crown Electric Cars

Audi e-Tron

Audi e-Tron was initially launched in 2019 and manufactured on the MLB platform. It is the best imported electric car available in Pakistan. It is a premium crossover SUV providing 5 seating capacity. Its exterior and interior design is remarkable, installed, and integrated with amazing specifications and features. Some of them are as follows.

Audi e-Tron

Specifications and Features

  • It has a battery of 95 KWh, having a maximum power of 355 hp with a range of 387 Km.
  • Its charging time at the commercial station is around one an hour, but at home, it may take 7 to 8 hours to charge the cost of approximately Rs. 500 to Rs. 600.
  • Audi e-Tron has remarkable features such as power windows, central locking, power steering, power doors, and an anti-lock braking system.
  • It also has TPMS and control for stability, hill start/down, and much more.


MG ZS EV is also the best electric car in Pakistan in 2022. It is a 5-seater SUV that is most affordable and is now for sale in Pakistan. Its powerful features and specifications are mentioned below.


Specifications and features

  • It has a powerful battery of 44.5 KWh along with motor power of 147 hp, providing a range of 320Km.
  • MG ZS EV Car battery has a commercial station charging time of around 1 hour and 15 minutes. But at home, it takes around 9 to 10  hours for full charging costing Rs.500 to Rs. 600.
  • Its notable features are the panoramic sunroof, an infotainment system compatible with apple car play, parking sensors, daytime running lights, and autoboot.
  • It also contains steering controls and a lot of drive assistant features.


BMW iX is an upcoming electric car in Pakistan in 2022. It will be an ultra-luxury car that will feature unique tech and specifications. It will be available in base, lower, and higher trims. Also, their price will vary for these trims, providing the best package of specifications and features to match their price tag. BMW iX’s main specifications and features are mentioned below.

Specifications and Features

  • Its electric battery will be 100 KWh with max motor power of 326 hp.
  • At the commercial stations, battery charging time is approximately 1 hour to 55 minutes, costing PKR. 1000 to PKR.1300. but at home, it may take 7 to 8 hours with charging the cost of around RS. 500.
  • It is claimed that it will have a range of 600Km per full charge, making it the best upcoming electric car of 2022 in Pakistan.
  • It will feature 5G connectivity, advanced drive-assist package features, and unique technology.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S long-range is another best electric car being introduced in Pakistan. Its rack and pinion steering come with extraordinary features that provide exemplary handling and controls of cars providing the best riding experience to the passengers. Tesla Model S price in mentioned in below section

Specifications and Features

  • Comes in a hatchback body type having engine power of 670 hp with an acceleration time of 0-100 Kmph of 5.3 seconds. It provides a max speed of 155 mph.
  • It has automatic single-speed transmission supporting the all-wheel drive. Also, it has an electric rack and pinion steering.
  • Provides 124 Mileage in the city and 155 on the highway with electric fuel.
  • It has a 5-person seating capacity.
  • Has anti-lock braking and central locking for safety. Also, it has a power door and windows. There is a warning system for door ajar, seat belts, and engine checks.
Tesla Model S Electric Car


MG Marvel R is the latest electric compact SUV electric car introduced by MG Motors in Pakistan. It was firstly unveiled in Nov 2020 and now is finally available in the market. In foreign countries, it is available in three variants: comfort, luxury, and performance.

The exterior and interior of the car are outstanding, providing multiple features and specifications and enhancing the look and style of the car overall. Some of this electric car’s remarkable features and specifications are as follows.

Specifications and Feature

  • It is powered by a 132 kWh lithium-ion battery containing three electric motors. That produces around 132 hp with the acceleration of 0-100 Kmph only in 4.9 seconds.
  • Its battery takes 25-minutes for fast charging, but at home, it can be fully charged in 7 hours.
  • MG Marvel R provides a range of 402 Km per full charge.
  • Supports automatic transmission with a 2-speed gearbox that provides FWD and RWD drive options.
  • Available in various colors such as kiring grey, prism blue, pebble black, and pearl white.

Sigma QS H4 EVS Standard

Sigma QS H4 EV is the first car launched in Pakistan that was made available in a solar variant with the collaboration of united motors and sigma auto motors. It is available in attractive colors, and many improved features are added. Some of its key features are as follows.

Specifications and Features

  • It comes with a 120 AMP @6EVF battery that takes 8 to hours for a full charge at home. 
  • Provides max speed of 100 Kmph.
Sigma QS H4 EVS Standard

Electric Cars Price in Pakistan

There are many electric cars that are now available in Pakistan and every car has its own price according to its specs and features. The starting price of electric cars in Pakistan is around 6 lacs.

Follwing are the price of Electric Cars in Pakistan

Electric CarsPrice in Pakistan
Crown electric cars model 1PKR. 570,000
Crown electric cars model 2PKR. 630,000
Audi e-TronPKR. 17,200,000
MG ZS EVPKR. 6,250,000
BMW iXPKR. 26,990.000
Sigma QS H4 EVS StandardPKR.1,895,000
MG MARVEL RPKR. 6,000,000
Tesla Model S long RangePKR. 18,998,000/-

End note

Complete information about electric cars in Pakistan is made available here. You can find the model that fulfills your requirements. Electric cars in Pakistan should be promoted as they are both user and environment-friendly.

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