Monday, September 25, 2023

Electricity In Pakistan Now Costs Rs 65 Per Unit

After the continuous increase in electricity prices, electricity has gone up to Rs 65 per unit while the minimum charge will be Rs 22 per unit.

LESCO is starting to charge additional cost in the form of arrears, charging consumers 12 to 19 days of additional bills.

Additional bills have been sent at the rate of Rs 7 per unit, while the price increase has been implemented from July 1, the previous month’s additional bill has also been added to the current month’s bills.

Customers using up to 100 units were charged 22 rupees while those using 101 to 200 units were charged around 32 rupees per unit.

Similarly, for using units from 201 to 300 units, 37 rupees are being charged, while consumers using 31 units are being charged about 43 rupees per unit.

Those using 401 to 500 units will be billed Rs 47 per unit while those using 501 to 600 units will be billed Rs 49 per unit.

Apart from this, those using 601 to 700 units are being billed at the rate of Rs 52 per unit, while those using more than 700 units will be charged Rs 65 per unit including taxes.

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