Saturday, December 2, 2023

Elon Musk Tests New Video Game Feature on X by Live Streaming ‘Diablo IV’

Elon Musk is working on adding new video features like game streaming and live shopping to the X platform, which was previously known as Twitter. Right now, they are testing basic game streaming, similar to platforms like Twitch, but it’s only for X Premium subscribers.

Musk introduced this feature during a 54-minute stream of the game Diablo IV on a Twitter account called @cyb3rgam3r420. He later confirmed that they are testing it. An engineer at X, Mark Kalman, explained how Premium subscribers can set up game streaming using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and X Media Studio.

It’s not clear how much X wants to attract streamers because the feature doesn’t have all the tools that creators need compared to other platforms. However, this shows that X is focusing more on creators and adding new video features to bring in more users. They also plan to try out live shopping with Paris Hilton, who will make original videos with live shopping elements.

There are concerns about whether X’s system can handle these new live video features. They had problems with large live audio and video streams, especially when Musk was involved, after laying off some of their engineers last year. These issues seem to persist, as recently, Musk’s livestream from the US-Mexico border had technical problems and had to be fixed after he sent an urgent email to X’s staff asking them to “Please fix this.”

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