Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Emerging Tech Leader in Pakistan – Raheel Akhtar Promoted as Director at Codup

With over a decade of experience exploring the ever-expanding avenues of technology, Raheel Akhtar has been rightfully entrusted with a seniority role at Codup. As a former media personality and a seasoned business development professional, Mr. Raheel’s career journey is inspirational for all the tech enthusiasts in Pakistan.

After spending four productive years as a mainstream Media Journalist and News Anchor, he returned to the world of technology by joining an award-winning Tech startup, Roshni Rides. Later, he joined hands with Codup, a collaboration that has been a mutually fulfilling opportunity. Codup is a Pakistani Software Development & Digital Transformation Company providing services internationally; he was initially assigned the role of Assistant Manager (Business Development) in 2020.

However, he swiftly climbed the career ladder by being Promoted to Associate Manager within only four months and then took the Managerial role even before the year ended. Thus, the current Promotion of Mr. Raheel counts as the third in a row, which is yet another feather in his cap!

Since his primary responsibility revolved around technical sales, he leveraged his leadership skills to train and build the team; his result-oriented expertise helped amplify the clientele, leading to a significant boost in annual revenue. The technical services were mainly based on facilitating e-commerce store development, custom software development, system integrations, and process automation. Consequently, during these fruitful years, the company grew from just 60 employees to a functional setup of 150 diverse professionals across departments.

His substantial contributions involve representing Codup at International Tech Events in the US, UK, KSA, and UAE for commercial development, which led the company’s business to expand and multiply across these regions. Today, the firm is globally renowned for its top-notch Software Development and Agile Technology Solutions services, tailored to distinct business needs, influencing a technological revolution in the Pakistani industry.

While Mr. Raheel’s journey has been phenomenal, his aspirations are aimed even higher, taking the Pakistani Tech Industry to new frontiers while encouraging the youth to develop their skill set for flourishing in the domain.

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