Friday, May 31, 2024

Emirates Group Annual Profit Increase by Massive 71% to Record $5.1 Billion

Dubai’s Emirates Group just announced its best financial year ever for 2023-24. They made a whopping Dh5.1 billion in profits, which is 71% more than the Dh10.9 billion they made the year before.

Both Emirates and dnata, which are part of the same group, saw their profits and how much money they brought in go up by a lot. Together, they made Dh137.3 billion, which is 15% more than before. They also had Dh47.1 billion in cash, which is 11% more.

The group’s profits over the last two years were even bigger than the money they lost during the pandemic. They added up to Dh29.6 billion.

The chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, said the success was because a lot of people wanted to travel by plane again, and they worked quickly to make their customers happy.

Because they’re doing so well, the Emirates Group can spend more money on things that help the environment and make the company even better. They’re planning to use $200 million to help reduce how much pollution airplanes make.

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