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Expo Center, Lahore – Location, Facilities, and Much More

One of the most recognizable landmarks in modern history is the Lahore International Expo Centre, which can be found in a city home to buildings that date back hundreds of years, as well as breathtaking works of architecture built more recently.

Expo Center Lahore

This enormous convention center inside the city’s heart is more widely known as Expo Centre Lahore. It organizes international and national exhibitions, festivals, carnivals, seminars, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, and other events.

The Lahore Expo Centre is a project that Pakistan Expo Centres Private Limited is undertaking. This commercial body has the shareholding of the federal and provincial governments.

Expo Center Lahore

The National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) and Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates were responsible for designing this multi-building complex seen in Johar Town. The building of the convention hall started in 2007, but it didn’t become fully functional until May of the following year.

This facility was constructed specifically to host events such as trade and customer fairs, based culture carnivals, specialist exhibitions, conferences and seminars, skills training, workshops, university gatherings, and corporate events in Lahore, just to name a few of these types of gatherings.

Exhibition Halls at Expo Center Lahore

Three exhibition halls are numbered 01, 02, and 03, respectively.

Exhibition Halls at Expo Center Lahore

Auditorium 01, Auditorium 02, the Foyer, the Summit Room, and the Meeting Rooms make up the Convention Hall.

The street that leads up to the Expo Centre in Lahore

Lahore At the intersection of Abdul Haque Road and Shahrah Nazra-e-Pakistan is where you’ll find the International Expo Centre in Lahore. This area is considered to be one of the most affluent and developed in all of Pakistan.

Emporium Mall, which is widely regarded as one of the best shopping malls in Lahore, & Nishat Hotel, which is widely regarded as one of the finest hotels in the city, can be reached on foot from the Expo Centre Lahore in only ten minutes. In addition, the complex may be reached from the primary Canal Road by way of Expo Center Road.

Address of Expo Center Lahore

Johar Town is located in Lahore, and its address is 1-A Abdul Haque Road. The Trade Centre Commercial Area is located in Phase 2.

Facilities Provided

This magnificent convention center offers a variety of services to both the people organizing events and the guests who attend those events. Although the floor plans for each exhibition hall are slightly different, the total area and the range of utilities provided are consistent throughout the halls.

Address of Expo Center

Each exhibition hall has a length of around 100 meters, a width of approximately 52 meters, and a height of approximately 23 meters.

Each hall has a total exhibition area of around 4000 square meters, of which 2928 square meters have a clear height of approximately 10.6 meters (35 feet), and 972 square meters are located under the mezzanine has a clear height of approximately 4 meters (13 feet).

In addition, cleaning services are made available to the event planner following the installation of booths and on the days of the event itself.

Every single one of the exposition halls in the Expo Centre Lahore has meeting rooms, event organizer offices, telephone & fax services, cafeterias, coffee shops, first aid facilities, and restrooms. In addition, there are two cargo gates and three visitor gates in each hall, in addition to the other facilities located there.

Convention Hall

Two lecture halls, a foyer that may be used for food services, a space designated as the Summit Room, and six conference rooms make up the convention center at the Expo Centre Lahore.

Auditorium 1 can comfortably accommodate up to 820 people, while Auditorium 2 only has room for 200 people to sit down. Within Expo Centre Lahore, the following amenities can be found in both of the venue’s auditoriums.

Convention Hall

Meanwhile, there is a rectangular table in the Summit Room with 44 seats, and there are 60 individual seats behind the table. This area also features a sound system, bathrooms, multimedia and projector, and cordless microphones.

In addition, two large meeting rooms and four smaller meeting rooms are available at the Lahore International Expo Centre. The capacity of the large meeting rooms is 25 seats with front tables or 60 individual seats, while the capacity of the compact meeting rooms is 10 with front tables or 20 individual seats.

The organizers of events have access to a rostrum, multimedia equipment, and a projector in each meeting room. Each of the meeting rooms has a bathroom that is separate from the one used by the men.

Event Booking and Stalls Reservation

You can book an event or make a reservation for a stall through the online registration service. You need to go to the Expo Centre Lahore’s official website to download the appropriate registration forms, which you will then need to schedule an event or reserve a stall there.

Filling out and submitting the registration forms online is a different approach that can be used, and it offers the added benefit of being more convenient. Additionally, the event schedule for the Lahore Expo Centre may be found on their website.

Expo Centre Lahore Contact Number

Please get in touch with Pakistan Expo Centres (Pvt.) Ltd. to obtain the events schedule for the Expo Centre Lahore and other information regarding the booking, prices, and stall reservation. You may also get in touch with them to learn more about the upcoming events at the Expo Centre Lahore.

1-A Johar Town, Expo Centre, Lahore, is the address.

The following are the contact numbers for the Expo Centre in Lahore: 042-111-092-042 and 042-3529 8005-7

Expo Center Lahore Timings

The timings for this expo center in Lahore is from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday and Sunday are closed.


Expo Centre Lahore is a 43,000-square-foot convention center in Lahore, Pakistan. Designed by NESPAK and Nayyar Ali Dada and Associates, the conference center is situated in Johar Town near Abdul Haque Road & Shahrah Nazaria-e-Pakistan. 2007-2010: Construction.

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