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Fact Check: Asif Ali Zardari Corruption News Article was Featured in Netherlands School book

The image that has gone viral online purports to depict an excerpt from a Dutch textbook on Asif Ali Zardari, the allegedly corrupt former president of Pakistan. Social media users are guessing whether the image is accurate and whether the chapter is taught in a European nation. The idea is authentic. There is a chapter

  • Assert

On April 5, a user of Twitter stated, “In Dutch school pupils are being taught the subject of corruption of Asif Zardari.” What a humiliating time for Mr. 10% to be included in Dutch books as an example of corruption.

Under the caption, “Former Pakistani president, ‘Mr 10%,’ jailed for corruption,” the tweet includes an image of a textbook chapter. A picture of Pakistan’s former president Zardari appears beneath the title.

The tweet has accumulated 29,200 views, 433 likes, and 337 retweets. A verified Twitter user made a similar assertion: “Mr. 10% Zardari makes it to the Dutch school books, Lessons in corruption, a proud time for PPP.”xxxxx

  • Reality  

The image making the rounds online is taken from a textbook for a four-year secondary vocational education programme in the Netherlands, according to confirmation provided to Geo Fact Check by the country’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. 

According to a ministry official, the chapter was taken from a previous edition of a four-year programme textbook for 16-year-old pupils. For a class discussion, the book includes a news piece on the former president of Pakistan. 

It’s widespread for students to discuss news stories of various kinds in the classroom, especially in courses like citizenship and social sciences, to which this book pertains, he said in a WhatsApp message to Geo Fact Check. 

The ministry has been notified by the publisher of this particular book that the textbook is being reviewed for a new version, which will be released next year, the spokesperson said, adding that publishers, not the Dutch government, are responsible for the contents of schoolbooks in the country. “Articles will be replaced if they are out-of-date or do not reflect the most recent information,” he stated. Google translated the chapter as follows: 

The chapter further states that due to the income he received from government contracts, Zardari is referred to as “Mr 10%” and has served time in prison. Nawaz Sharif, a three-time former Pakistani prime minister, was also referenced in the article in addition to Asif Ali Zardari 

The report states, “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was overthrown in 2017; this year, he was sentenced to seven years for corruption. Zardari is not the first former government leader to be condemned.” 

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