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Indo-Pak battle of tallest flag at Wagah to start once again

On the Indian and Pakistani border at Wagah-Attari, a new round of competition to see whose flag can be raised the highest is about to begin. India will raise the tallest tricolour in front of its stadium at the Joint Check Post (JCP) in Wagah, where a 418-foot tower has been built. India is taking the initiative.

According to Sunday’s local media, India has built a 418-foot tower to compete for the nation’s title with the tallest flag at the Wagah-Attari Joint Border Checkpoint between Pakistan and India.

India is prepared to raise its tallest tricolour in front of its stadium at the joint checkpoint in Wagah, for which a 418-foot high tower has already been built. India is taking the initiative. India will also put modern cameras on the 418-foot tower, according to the media, which will be able to watch the surroundings for several kilometres on all four sides.

India had previously flown a 360-foot tricolour in March 2017, which Pakistan answered on August 14, 2017, on its 70th Independence Day, with a 400-foot flag. It is the highest flag in South Asia and the seventh-tallest in the world, measuring 120 feet long and 80 feet wide.

Pakistan is anticipated to take action to fly its flag higher than that of its arch-rival, establishing a new competition to be the “highest,” now that the National Highway Authority of India is scheduled to hoist the tricolour 418 feet in the air. Both nations have invested millions of rupees in the race to fly their flag higher than the opposing country, and both flags are visible from a distance of several kilometres.

According to The Independent, Islamabad expressed worries about India’s highest flag pole ever being used in “espionage” in 2017. The 110-meter-high flag, also visible in Lahore, was raised at the Attari border, prompting Islamabad to charge New Delhi with breaking international agreements. Pakistan has complained to the Border Security Force (BSF) and expressed concerns that spies may have hidden cameras mounted on the flagpole.

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