Monday, April 15, 2024

FBR to Allow Temporary Import of Vehicles

The FBR proposed changes to the “Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles Rules” on Wednesday, saying that the person temporarily importing a vehicle cannot leave Pakistan unless he has exported the vehicle, obtained an import permit, and paid the applicable customs duties and other taxes. 

The Customs Computerized System must be used at the customs station of entry to record the importer’s passport number and other information, and the officer in charge of that station must then give that information to the FIA. 

If the tourist declares at the customs-station of entry that he will not constructively or substantially transfer the ownership of the vehicles to any other person during his stay in Pakistan, the officer-in-charge of the customs-station of entry may deliver the vehicle to the tourist who imported it against a carnet-de-passage or a bank guarantee without payment of Customs duties for its retention in Pakistan for a period of three months. 

if the tourist declares at the customs station of entrance that he will not in any way, shape, or form transfer ownership of the automobiles to anybody else while he is in Pakistan, according to the regulations. 

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