Monday, May 20, 2024

Fear grips Islamabad’s citizens as five leopards spotted in Margalla Hills

Fear spread among the locals as at least five common Asian leopards were spotted in Saidpur village. The big cats make a rare appearance outside the Asian Leopard Preservation Zone. A unique biodiversity spot formed in the country’s federal capital to protect and preserve leopards.

Reports in local media said Kohsar Police Station officials deployed personnel on the ground to protect people in Daman-i-Koh to avoid any untoward incident.

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board staff visited the area to ensure the protection of people and endangered animals in the evening.

The leopards left the area in the evening, while no one was harmed. People, however, expressed concerns that big cats could return soon in search of cattle.

Residents expressed their worries, but authorities with the Wildlife Board responded that the existence of endangered animals shows that the area has a healthy ecosystem. They also claimed that these creatures did not come to Saidpur. Furthermore, the residents had intruded on the territory of the leopards.

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