Friday, May 31, 2024

“Female Drivers are more Disciplined than Males” :Traffic Chief Lahore.

The quantity of female drivers has elevated dramatically and keeps increasing with each passing day. According to Muntazir Mehdi, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, Lahore has the most female drivers of any city, and that they drive extra attentively and respect all the traffic legal guidelines than male drivers on the road.

To inspire a large amount of ladies to drive effortlessly on the roadways, CTO Lahore opened Pakistan’s first driving licence and testing centre for the female community in Liberty, Lahore, on Women’s Day. He feels that as the range of woman drivers will increase, Lahore’s traffic might turn out to be more disciplined.

“The intention of this attempt is to empower our female community and make them efficient participants of society.”

Because they will need to take the driving test and cope with male employees, many women have not even obtained their driver’s licence. We evolved this Licensing Center with an all-female workers who are pleasant, frienly, beneficial, and supportive to girls who’re inquisitive about getting their driver’s licence. “We consider this is a vital step toward empowering our women and enabling them to take part completely in society,” adds CTO Lahore.

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