Friday, May 24, 2024

Pakistani Bermudian Numair Khan Becomes 2nd Youngest Candidate to Pass ACCA.

Numair Khan, 14, cleared out his very last exam and had become a chartered certified accountant in March.

He is known to be the world’s second youngest individual to be provided the title. When Numair passed the 17 exhausting exams, he was also 14 , however, two months more younger than the preceding record holder.

Both Numair and his father Muhammad, an accountant and Deloitte partner, have this belief that it’s a purpose of life that each student in Bermuda can achieve.

“Most people undervalue themselves,” the adolescent conducted. “They restrict themselves to 50% or 60%, but to be honest, pushing oneself isn’t as hard as it seems.

You comprehend you’re capable of greater than you formerly believed. I agree with the fact that everyone can accomplish it; everyone has the capacity.”

When Numair was two years old, the Khans relocated to the island from Pakistan. Clara Muhammad School was where he and his now 16 year old sister Unaysah studied. As Muslims, Mr Khan and his wife Samina were impressed by this fact that it was basically an Islamic institution with “wonderful, concerned, and devoted teachers, a small organization, and fantastically focused,” according to Mr Khan.

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