Monday, April 15, 2024

First Born Children Have Higher IQ than the Younger Siblings

First-born children are, according to studies, smarter than their siblings, while second-born children are more prone to cause trouble. First-born children have higher IQs and greater cognitive skills than their siblings, according to a University of Edinburgh study, first-born children receive greater mental stimulation than their siblings.

‘’According to Kate Frost in Country Living, “the study, which used data gathered by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, examined nearly 5,000 children from pre-birth to age 14 and took into account factors such as family background and economic conditions.” According to the researchers, the ‘birth order effect’ may be the reason why the first-borns performed better on tests that included reading and pictorial vocabulary. This indicates that children who were born earlier in a family later have greater educations and make more money’’

Another study reveals that second-born youngsters, particularly males, are more likely to misbehave, sometimes with significant repercussions. Dr. Joseph Doyle’s study, which analysed data from thousands of sets of brothers in the U.S. and Europe, concluded that second-born youngsters have a 25 to 40% higher risk of getting into trouble seriously in school or with the law.

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