Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pakistan’s First Fully Residential University ,GIKI, has Announced Scholarships

Pakistan’s first fully residential university, GIKI, has announced scholarships.

Want to pursue a bachelor’s degree at one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan but cannot afford to pay the fees? Then, apply for GIKI scholarships and financial assistance.

GIKI is famous for its campus life, highly accomplished alums, vibrant student societies, leadership and entrepreneurial grooming, and quality education. GIKI is Pakistan’s first and probably the only fully residential university, established in 1993. Students and faculty live on the mesmerizing, fully residential campus, which gives them a unique learning and grooming environment. Your dream of studying at GIKI can come true even if you cannot afford the fee. Use one of the following scholarships:

  • 20 GIK Merit Scholarships
  • 55 GIK Alumni Association Scholarships (2nd year onwards)
  • 50 GIK Need Cum Merit Basis Financial Assistance
  • General GIK Financial Assistance (10 to 20% of revenue)
  • 57 provincial scholarships (different for all provinces)
  • 20 Ihsan Trust Loans
  • 4 Habbah Trust Loans
  • Numerous other financial assistantships and scholarships
  • You can apply online at

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