Friday, May 24, 2024

“First Digital Payments and Remittance Service” to be Launched by a Pakistani Millionaire

In May this year, Pakistan will launch a digital payment solution for domestic and foreign payments.

The program, called “Foree,” enables users to merge all of their bank accounts and cards into a single app and conduct seamless transactions at a low cost.

Murtaza Hashwani, CEO of Hashoo Group and Chairman of Foree’s Board, says that Foree would be Pakistan’s first online payment system.

As per Hashwani, Foree is unique because users do not have to pass money between different accounts using online banking, and the service is unlike wallets, which only allow for small transactions.

He believes that Foree will make it easier for Pakistanis living abroad, especially in the Middle East, to send money home without the use of an agent or bank, and at a low cost.

It will improve Pakistan’s e-commerce industry by enabling people to buy online from foreign brands and companies and pay in real time.

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