Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pakistan Oxygen Limited to Set up Multi-Million Electrode Manufacturing Plant in Karachi

In a meeting on Monday, the Board of Directors of Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) approved an investment plan worth Rs. 417.5 million for the construction of a new electrode manufacturing plant in Karachi.

Furthermore, the establishment of the electrode manufacturing facility would help in the development of local jobs as well as the manufacture of various tools and batteries that rely on electrodes.

“It is now interested in the manufacture of high-quality welding consumables as well as the selling of welding machines and associated accessories,” the company said.

The company also claimed that the proposed expansion would increase the company’s capacity and capability in the welding and hard goods segments, enabling it to better meet Pakistan’s increasing demand for high-quality electrodes.

POL approved a Rs. 6.3 billion investment plan in November 2020 to develop the newest and most energy-efficient Air Separation Unit in its class.

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