Friday, April 19, 2024

First Ever Gold Medal Won By Pakistan In Paralympics By Haider Ali.

The First ever Gold Medal in Pakistan is won by Haider Ali in Paralympics’, making the country proud, finishing in Discus throw at top podium in Paralympics 2020 Tokyo.

Out of the Six shots, the fifth one was thrown at 55.26 meters gaining him the gold medal, the silver medal was bagged at 52.43 meters by Ukraine’s Zhabnyak and the bronze medal at 51.86 meters by Brazilian Teixeira de Souza.

Before this, Haider Ali won two medals more in long jump, event, a Bronze in Rio and Silver in Beijing. Haider Ali shared, the first problem was the uncertainty while training and the second problem was the lack of support from Government of Pakistan in helping the para-athletes travelling to Tokyo.

Ali said, “Training was tough and just like everyone we had problems but when time came to travel a lot issues arise just to get to Tokyo. The issues were from our Government.”

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