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First ever Magazine introduced in UK to promote Pakistan’s Tourism

Fascinating Pakistan, a quarterly magazine was launched in London to encourage local and international tourism in the country.

According to details, under its digital campaign ‘Come, Fall in Love-Pakistan,’ Strings Media, a London-based tourism firm launched the first ever tourism-centric magazine, comprising 72 pages, in Pakistan.

Tahawur Husain Jafri, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fascinating Pakistan said that Pakistan’s fascinating magazine truly presented a wonderful tale of beautiful Pakistan and its amazing people, traditions, heritage and amazing photographs.

He said that we are pleased and fascinated that “Fascinating Pakistan” has been officially released in Pakistan and London after all the hard work of the team. He further stated that the first of its kind was the digital tourism initiative, as it focused on projecting multiple tourism features including faith, leisure, adventure and others.

The CEO said that efforts were underway to support Pakistan’s tourist gems in London by conducting road shows, showing scenic views of northern areas of Pakistan on billboards, and setting up portals to draw British citizens to add the country in their travel list.

Pakistan is truly the sky on earth, from the wonders and majesty of the Himalayan regions in the north to the historic Sindh in the south and the lovely beaches of Balochistan, Tahawar observed

Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the soft image of Pakistan can only be represented by promoting tourism, which would not only generate revenue but also provide opportunities for jobs.

The Prime Minister, chairing a meeting of the National Tourism Coordination Committee in Islamabad, said Pakistan is blessed by various climate zones and numerous untapped tourist spots.

He said that while managing tourist sites, the government is focused on eco-tourism to ensure environmental protection.

The Prime Minister said the federal government will provide provincial governments with all possible facilities for the growth and promotion of the country’s tourism sector.

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