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First Pakistani space scientist at the University of Cambridge wins 2020’s Young Leaders Award

Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad is a Senior Research Associate and a Teaching Fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Cambridge Graphene Centre, Department of Engineering. He is also the first Pakistani space scientist at the University of Cambridge to receive many awards for his research work.

The Young Leaders Award for 2020 by the Young Professionals Society is the latest addition to his awards (YPS). Dr. Yarjan is currently working on a research project on loop heat pipes for use in space applications and was involved in the November-December 2017 European Space Agency zero gravity flight campaign.

The society says, “We received some excellent nominations from outstanding young Candidates for this year’s inaugural award and it was an extremely difficult task for the judges to select a winner. After lengthy debates however, the judges chose Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad of the University of Cambridge (UK) as the winner of the Young Leaders Award 2020 this year.”

Dr. Yarjan was part of the team of Scientists who through the MASER14 Rocket of Europe Space Agency, launched Graphene from Kiruna Base in Sweden into the extreme space climate. He has developed sustainable methods based on three-dimensional (3D) porous architectures of two-dimensional (2D) and layered materials usually graphene, which is benchmarked by scientists and engineers for the manufacture of aerospace composites, purification of water and storage of energy.

In 2009, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Materials and Metallurgy Engineering from GIKI and completed a Master’s Degree in Materials Engineering.

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