Tuesday, June 25, 2024

KP Govt. Announces TREK to Promote Eco-Tourism

In partnership with the World Bank and Nestle Pakistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has launched Travel Responsibility for Experiencing Ecotourism in KP (TREK), a multi-pronged initiative to encourage responsible tourism in the province.

In this regard, an official launch ceremony with Prime Minister Imran Khan as the chief guest was recently held in Islamabad.

Both stakeholders will begin awareness campaigns for visitors under the TREK programme and will educate local communities and businesses on waste minimization and collection in the province.

Speaking at the ceremony, PM Imran said that not only will the promotion of eco-tourism help the country achieve better economic growth, but it will also create more opportunities for local people to work.

He stated that the need for the hour is to ensure environmental security of tourist attractions in the province, as the tourism-friendly policies of the current provincial government have resulted in an unprecedented rise in tourism.

KP Chief Minister, Mahmood Khan, said the provincial government has prioritized road building in the province in order to make it easier for visitors by enhancing accessibility.

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