Sunday, July 14, 2024

Football Exports Witness 62.22% Increase After Exporting Pakistan-Made Footballs to Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022

During the first four months of fiscal year 2022+23, the football exports raised by 62.22% as compare to the timeline of last year.

As per data shared by PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics), from July 22 to Oct 22 footballs costing US$ 81,351,000 has been exported comparing to the previous year it was US $ 50,148,000.

However, overall export of sports goods raised by 32.31% worthing US$ 33,102,000 while the last year it was recorded as US$ 30,499,000 against same period of time.

Moreover, the other exports are also grew by 8.54% valuing US$ 33,102,000 while comparing the previous year recorded as US$ 30,499,000.

Furthermore, during the time under reviews, globes exports grew with 0.73% valuing US$ 24,731,000 while US$ 24,552,000 was recorded during the same period of previous year.

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