Sunday, June 4, 2023

For the State to Survive, the Language Must be Opened, Latif Javed

Javed Latif, a senior leader of the Muslim League (N), has stated that opening the language is necessary for the state’s survival.

A protest outside the Supreme Court will take place on Monday, according to the PML-N’s announcements of rallies and rallies from yesterday.

Speaking to the media, Javed Latif stated that what transpired over the course of two days was not unexpected; instead, it began when bills were burned to signal civil disobedience.

In order to make his point clear, the PML-G leader added that the raw material bandit will now also bring 200 saboteurs.

According to him, starting tomorrow, they will organise meetings and protests regarding the situation. PDM will decide whether or not the protest will last an indefinite amount of time.

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