Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sazgar set to introduce four cars in Pakistan this year

Sazgar, Pakistan’s largest rikshaw-maker is expected to enter the automotive industry with a hatchback and a sedan version of the BAIC D20. It is preparing to launch an X25 crossover and a BJ40-Plus off-road SUV.

The BAIC group is the third largest automotive group in China, the world’s largest producer of 26 million vehicles a year. 3.5 million cars per annum are sold by BAIC.

Sazgar is proud to have exported three-wheelers to 20 nations, including Japan.

The assembly line of Sazgar is near completion and, according to sources privy to the matter, trial production may start soon. Over the next three months, the firm will begin selling its locally assembled vehicles.

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