Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Freedom to Freelance Rozee Launches Azadee.pk to let Office Workers make Extra Income Through Side Hustles

Lahore, August 14, 2023 – Today on the 76th anniversary of Pakistan, Rozee proudly announces the launch of a revolutionary new freelancing platform for Pakistani working professionals called Azadee by Rozee.

Azadee celebrates the independence of working professionals and empowers them with income generating opportunities in a contracting economy with crippling inflation. As companies navigate a difficult economy with increasing business closures and layoffs, increments are in short supply. Salaried professionals, in addition to continually being burdened by increasing taxes, are now also faced with unprecedented expenses with little recourse.

Rozee jobs data shows a 30% decline in hiring over the last 16 months. As companies are faced with budget crunches, they are often not able to hire skilled workers for projects that allow them to generate revenue. Azadee allows companies to find highly skilled workers who are willing to freelance on a short term basis without burdening the company’s payroll after the task is complete. Similarly, professionals can elevate their financial health by encashing their skills to generate extra income during their free time.

Through the Azadee platform, professionals can find projects that they are qualified for and employers can post short-term assignments including software development, accounting, social media management, data entry, content writing, marketing, and sales.

Azadee safeguards both employers and freelancers by ensuring payments are made when projects conclude, and executing formal agreements between parties.

S. H. Kazi, CEO of Rozee said, “We are thrilled to unveil our pilot launch of Azadee by Rozee, a platform that encapsulates the true essence of freedom on Pakistan’s independence day. This platform reshapes Pakistan’s freelance landscape by offering virtually endless opportunities for freelancers and businesses alike. Instead of traditional full-time hires that incur substantial costs, this platform allows employers to supplement their workforce and continue to grow on lean budgets.”

“Many businesses in Pakistan are committed to finding ways to uplift the country through their efforts. We believe Azadee can be a shot in the arm to boost a slowing economy constrained by cashflows” added Monis Rahman, Co-Founder and Chairman. “We believe significant economic activity can be generated by re-introducing our talented professionals and employers to each other through freelancing relationships. Many of these newly minted freelancers will become entrepreneurs and attract international projects and much needed foreign exchange.”

Azadee is currently in its pilot launch with many features to be introduced in the coming months. Visit Azadee by Rozee at 


About Rozee

Rozee is Pakistan’s largest jobs platform connecting 10 Million skilled professionals and freelancers with 100,000 employers in the country. Rozee was Pakistan’s first venture capital backed startup and offers headhunting services, HR tech platforms and applicant tracking systems, and job classifieds. The company recently launched RIZQ, its financial wellness platform for professionals and freelancers.

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