Saturday, July 13, 2024

Fruit Prices Decrease Massively in Karachi After ‘Fruit Boycott’ Campaign

Frustrated with soaring prices and profiteering during Ramadan, Pakistani citizens have launched a nationwide boycott of fruit vendor.

Social media has been brimming with posts of calls for a boycott of fruit vendors who are charging above the fixed prices. The hashtag #BoycottFruits has been trending with many people urging others to join the protest. The campaign has gained widespread support from Pakistanis who feel that they are being overcharged for essential items as the vendors fail to comply with the government-set fixed price list.

The fruit boycott campaign against inflation remained successful and citizen of Karachi sees a massive drop in Fruit prices. Many Social Media Users Appreciate the campaign and share the result of the campaign in terms of cheap fruits as compared to before. Several Karachi Citizens claims that that fruit prices drops 50 to 70% in the city

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