Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistani Cricketer Shadab Khan Gets Golden Visa of UAE

Pakistani leg-spinner Shadab Khan, who is at the peak of his playing career, has received the Golden Visa – a pass to a decade-long residency in the UAE. The cricketer recently captained his team against Afghanistan during the three-match T20I series in the Emirates.

After receiving the long-term residency visa, the cricketer said that outside Pakistan, he spends most of his time in the UAE. He shared the news of getting the Golden Visa on Instagram and wrote: “Outside Pakistan, the most time I have spent is in the UAE. It always feels like home. Honoured to have received the Golden Visa. Thank you so much, GDRFA Dubai.”

Shadab Khan burst onto the cricketing scene during the 2016/17 PSL season, and since his inclusion in the international team, he has been instrumental in every game Pakistan played.

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