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Full Emergency Declared at Delhi Airport; Here Are The Details

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, just after takeoff, a FedEx plane traveling to Dubai was struck by a bird, prompting airport officials in Delhi to issue a complete emergency declaration.

When technicians checked the aircraft for any mechanical issues before giving the go-ahead, the flight made a safe landing and lifted off.

According to sources, the 10.46 am Saturday takeoff time for FedEx aircraft FX5279 to Dubai.

It was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after it took off due to a bird hit.

The flight was temporarily grounded before taking off once more at 1:44 pm when technicians gave the all-clear following a check.

The Boeing 777-200LR involved in the incident is being flown by FedEx, an American logistics firm.

“A FedEx aircraft from Delhi to Dubai had to make an air turnback today after what was thought to be a bird strike at 1000 feet.

Emergency status was proclaimed at Delhi Airport (DIAL). the aircraft safely landed. It has been cleared for flight following inspection, the DGCA subsequently announced in a statement.

Bird ingestion, bird impact, and bird aircraft strike hazard are common terms used to describe bird strikes (BASH).

It occurs when a flying animal, such as a bird or a bat, collides with an airplane while it is in flight.

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