Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Future Generations Could Live upto 141 Years: Research

According to a recent study, future generations could live up to 141 years. The study, released in the journal Aging and Ageing, claims that people may live longer and healthier lives in the future due to developments in healthcare, technology, and lifestyle.

The study developed a model that forecasts life expectancy in the future by analysing data from numerous sources, including population estimates and death rates. According to the study’s findings, if current trends continue, people born in the future could live up to 141 years if life expectancy increases by 2.5 years every ten years.

Life expectancy could be significantly increased because of developments in healthcare, like gene therapy and tailored treatment. Moreover, changes in lifestyle decisions, such as improved diets and more physical activity, may help people live longer and in better health.

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