Saturday, March 2, 2024

General Elections are Planned to be Held on November 10: Khurram Dastagir

Energy Minister Khurram Dastagir said that decisions on elections must be taken jointly by PDM leaders, but that the decisions will be constitutional.

He said the budget includes funds for elections, and now that we have funds and security resources, we are preparing and allocating funds for elections.

The energy minister said if the Assembly itself is dissolved, then there will be 60 days for elections. One option is that if the Prime Minister dissolves the Assembly even a day earlier, then 90 days are made. 

He said that the date of November 10 is made according to 90 days, so far we have a plan of November 10, the Energy Minister said that the obstacle in the IMF agreement is geopolitics.

The United States and Western forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan, now they do not have direct interests in the region, which has also changed our foreign policy.

He said that even more trouble came when the then government said that Afghanistan had broken the chains of slavery, this phrase also changed Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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