Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ghilaaf-e-Kaaba ‘Kiswah’ Raised by 3 Meters

In the latest update on Hajj arrangements, a special ceremony took place on Friday evening where the lower part of the cover of the Kaaba, called Ghilaf-e-Kaaba, was raised about 3 meters high. At the same time, a white cotton cloth measuring approximately 2 meters wide was placed on the upper part. This tradition has been followed for a long time and represents the rituals of Hajj.

A group of experts from the Shah Abdulaziz Complex for Kiswah Kaaba was responsible for lifting the Kaaba cover. This is a regular procedure that takes place before the start of the Hajj season each year.

Additionally, the Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque (PBUH) has made preparations to provide comprehensive services to the pilgrims visiting the Prophet’s Mosque (PBUH) during this year’s Hajj season. Different organizations are working together to ensure that the pilgrims receive full support and facilities. The authorities have coordinated their efforts to accommodate the visitors and make their Hajj experience comfortable and convenient.

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