Thursday, November 30, 2023

Germany Announces €20 Million Aid for Pakistan

Germany has promised to give €20 million to Pakistan until 2027 to help with food problems through the World Food Program. They announced this at a special event in Karachi where they celebrated art, culture, and cooperation between the two countries.

They also showed a book with drawings of historical places in Pakistan by a German artist. Germany and Pakistan have been friends since the 1950s, working together on many things like education and business.

Even though they sometimes disagree on things like the war in Afghanistan, they still help each other. Germany is a big trading partner for Pakistan, and they work together on preserving historical things in Pakistan.

This aid from Germany is not just about helping with food during the tough times of COVID-19, but it also shows how strong their friendship is and how Germany cares about helping people around the world.

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