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Get Visit Visa of Switzerland in 15 Days

If you are an UAE resident and wish to travel to Switzerland then you must know that Switzerland tourist visa from Dubai for UAE citizens is carried out by VFS Global Dubai and not at the Switzerland Embassy. If the applicant staying at Emirates of Dubai, then their application needed to be submitted at VFS Global Dubai.

How to Apply for Switzerland Visa From Dubai?

Contact any of the Visa Specialist or expert at Forever Tourism and leave the visa application worries on us.

Get instant assistance with Switzerland visa experts and get relieved with all the Visa processing worries. Simply contact Forever tourism. Contact us at: [email protected] or on +971-526661143

Switzerland Visa Processing Fees:

 All visa prices mentioned above are only for our documentation and service charges.

 Visa processing fees are collected at embassies in addition to service charges.

 In case of no appointment available, will refund you full amount.

 Only UAE residence can apply for Switzerland visa.

Documents needed for Switzerland visa from Dubai

 Passport Copy (validity 6 Months)

 UAE residence visa (validity 6 Months)

 Bank Statement (with stamp 6 Months)

 1 Photo with white background

 NOC letter from your employer

Additional Documents For Self Employed/Under Sponsorship 

 Trade license copy (for self-employed)

 Passport copy and visa copy of sponsor

 Bank statement of sponsor

 NOC/Sponsorship letter from sponsor

 Visa Processing time :10 to 15 working days

Processing of Switzerland visit visa from Dubai

Fill the form by downloading it and later submit directly at the centre.

After application have been submitted, applicant needed to book the appointment for biometric information at visa application centre. 

You have to pay AED 127. In next step the applicant may get visa appointment letter to know that visa application got approved. Be on time at the scheduled appointment time at the centre.

On appointment applicant have to submit the essential documents along with application and visa fee.

Applicant needed to keep a track on what stage your application during processing.

Applicant will be having the details of processed visa hence along with passport Swiss visa can also be collected.

Switzerland visa requirements for minors

 Minors birth certificate is needed.

 Application form will be signed by parents

 If the child is under custody of only one parent, then family court order is needed.

 Copies of ID and passport of both the parents are noted.

 If the child is wishing to a travel with another person.

 Applicant’s passport page which exhibits holder which shows recent photographs, holder data is needed. A notarized parental authorisation is made by both the parents. It is also needed to travel to Switzerland by a minor.

Time duration for issuing a Switzerland visa

Usually, the processing time for short stay visa may take 15 days. Even then, there are some exceptions and the time period may get extended up to 30 days. In rare situations there may be a chance of having exceeded duration as up to 60 days. To avoid the lagging of short stay visa approval the applicant needed to submit the application before three months.

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