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Geyser Price in Pakistan 2023 – Types and Best Geyser that worth Buying

Are you considering purchasing the perfect geyser for your homes and offices in Pakistan? Before making a decision, take a moment to search out the factors that influence geyser prices and the various types available in the market. Understanding these aspects will not only help you make an informed choice but also guide you towards finding a geyser that fits within your budget.

Geysers operate on the principle of water heating, a thermodynamic process that raises water temperature above its original state using a designated energy source. The applications of hot water in residential settings, such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating, make geysers essential household appliances in winters. This article aims to provide insights into geyser types and highlight some of the best options available in Pakistan in 2023.


A geyser transforms energy into heat and then transfers it to water. It has an outward hot water pipe or pipes that distributes hot water to faucets or appliances. Natural gas is used in the bulk of water heaters, but propane and electric water heaters are often used.

Natural gas is a significantly cheaper energy source than electricity in places where it is available.

A burner heats the water beneath the reservoir in a gas-fueled storage water heater. In some situations, a gas valve is fed with natural gas (and propane or kerosene).

Geysers are a typical household item found in almost every home. Geysers are used to fast heat water in a short amount of time and to store water for a long period. Compared to other water heating appliances such as heating rods and water heating coils, geysers use less energy.

Additionally, geysers come in various styles, allowing you to select the one that best fits your lifestyle.


Types of Geysers

There are various types of geysers available. Some of the types are as follows:

  1. Gas geyser
  2. Instant geyser
  3. Electric geyser
  4. Solar geyser

Gas Geyser

Gas geysers, which use LPG to heat the water, require an LPG connection to operate. These geysers have a lower efficiency than electric geysers, but they heat water fraction of the time that electric geysers do. The use of these geysers is fraught with danger because they run on LPG. As a result, most individuals are gradually switching to electric geysers.

The operating costs of this gas geyser are low. The water heats up quickly. Because LPG is being used, there is a great risk of explosion. Proper ventilation is required. It is Large in size Installation of the gas geyser is difficult.

Instant Geyser

Due to a growing gas scarcity, researchers devised an alternative supply and invented electric bars. These electric bars raise the temperature of the water. They were, however, extremely dangerous and might induce electric shock. Instant electric geysers are being created as a result.

The water temperature is raised by an electric rod in these geysers. As a result, they are activated whenever hot water is required. The procedures are straightforward. A tank of 1 to 3 litres and an electric rod are included in the Instant Electric water warmer. The rod is heated when electricity passes through it. This is referred to as “Joules Heating.”

Some of the features of this geyser are as follows:

  • The geyser is a one-time, short-duration hot water source that can be useful for a small home.
  • At the same time, it conserves both water and electricity.
  • Although it uses more electricity in one go, typically 1000 Watts each in terms of power, for a shorter period.
  • The rates of Instant Electric Geysers in Pakistan are convenient and inexpensive.
  • Furthermore, due to a nationwide gas and water crisis, Instant Electric geysers have firmly established themselves in the market and families, proving quite useful.

Electric Geyser

As their name implies, these geysers need an electric connection to operate. Electric geysers are the most prevalent type of geyser water heater and are used by most homes. Compared to other types of geysers, they are capable of high heating temperatures and are more efficient.

Aside from that, electric geysers are far safer and easier to use. They also have automatic shut-off functions to reduce power consumption. These geysers are often regarded as one of the best forms of all geysers, and they are trendy. For Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan, click here.

Compared to gas geysers, the price of an electric geyser is slightly more. The heat from the surroundings is used to heat the water in these geysers.

Solar Geyser

Warm water rises in solar water geysers, which is known as convection. The hot water in the tank is then transferred to the cylinder, which is normally found within the house. Meanwhile, the absorber receives the cooler water from the tanks (collector). These actions create circulation.

With a solar geyser, you may save up to 90% on home water heating expenditures. It also considerably reduces your energy bill and does not need the main connection. Solar geysers can heat your water with free and renewable energy, even overcast days.

Some of the best selling geysers in Pakistan in 2023 are as follows.

Best Geysers in Pakistan

Canon 8 Liter Instant Gas Geyser 16D-Plus DUAL

Canon instant gas geyser will be one of the best selling geysers in Pakistan in 2023. Some features are discussed below:

  • This gas geyser has the rare ability to run on both natural gas and LPS. It has a silver paint finish and a grey button cover.
  • It holds 8 litres of liquid. Canon has a feature that allows you to turn off the water pressure.
  • This geyser’s net weight is 5.50kg. It also has battery ignition and ultra-low water pressure.
  • This heater comes with a two-year warranty. Because it has two ignition pins, it is much safer than any other geyser.
  • The Canon Instant Gas Heater is reasonably priced.
Canon 8 Liter Instant Gas Geyser 16D-Plus DUAL

Nasgas Instant Geyser DG-7

The Nagas Instant Geyser DG-7 has a 7-litre capacity and, as the name suggests, operates with a single gas supply. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, so there’s no need to worry. This geyser boasts a 99.9% rust-free metal body that maintains the water clean and has an automatic water control feature.

Nasgas Instant Geyser DG-7

Cannon 35 Gallons Gas Water Heater 35G Classic Gold

This geyser has gas storage. Gas consumption is reduced in this gas geyser. The capacity of a cannon gas geyser is 35 gallons. It has a gauge of 12-14. Glass Wool Insulation is available. A thermostat that works on its own is packed in too.

Cannon 35 Gallons Gas Water Heater 35G Classic Gold

Rays 8 Gallon Electric Storage Geyser 8G

Some of the main features of this electric geyser are as follows:

  • The temperature control knob on the front
  • A large quantity of hot water
  • Anti-freeze capability
  • Polyurethane insulation with a thicker thickness
  • Thermostat with high-performance TBST
  • Magnesium anode that has grown in size
  • Steel with an enamelled finish provides protection.
  • There are over-the-sink and under-the-sink versions available.
Rays 8 Gallon Electric Storage Geyser 8G


Super Asia Instant Water Heater GH 106

An ignition System with Automatic ICs is present. The time of this heating is 20 min. The timer is built-in. Over Water, Temperature Safety Device for Flame Failure is also available.

Drain valve & Pressure Release Valve (2 in 1). Low-Pressure Suitability. Capacity 6 quarts. Enamel technology is cutting-edge, with the highest heating efficiency and the longest life span.

Super Asia Instant Water Heater GH 106

Keep the water warm for as long as possible and save 30% more energy than a standard water heater. Repairs are simple, thanks to the unique structure. Stop the heater when there isn’t enough water to keep the temperature under control. Overheating is prevented via an independent thermal cut-out.

Ocean 55 Gallons Electric and Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55G

The Ocean 55 Gallons Electric and Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55G is a robust water heating appliance designed for efficiency and safety. With a tank circumference of 56.62 inches and constructed with durable gauges (12 swg for top and bottom, 16 swg for circle, and 24 swg for body), this geyser ensures longevity. The dual safety thermostat and safety valve contribute to its secure operation.

Moreover, it is powered by a 4.0 KW electric system, this geyser offers precise temperature control. It undergoes rigorous testing with a tank test pressure of 150 psi, showcasing its resilience to varying water pressures. With a circumference of 61 inches and a height of 77.4 inches, it provides a compact yet powerful solution for residential and office water heating needs.

Geyser Price in Pakistan in 2023

The prices of this geyser are shown in the table below. These are some of the best-selling geysers available in Pakistan, and now their will prices will be discussed here along with their features discussed above.

Geyser ModelPrice
Canon 8 Liter Instant Gas Geyser 16D-Plus DUALRs. 19,399
Nasgas Instant Geyser DG-7Rs. 25,000
Cannon 35 Gallons Gas Water Heater 35G Classic GoldRs. 45,000
Super Asia Instant Water Heater GH 106Rs. 20,500
Rays 8 Gallon Electric Storage Geyser 8GRs. 20,999
Ocean 55 Gallons Electric and Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 55GRs. 71,400


In this article, different types of geysers and their best-selling models sold in Pakistan in 2023 are also discussed. The best geysers available in Pakistan in 2023 and their prices are mentioned in this article.

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