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Honda Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Models with Specs

Honda Bikes or the A-Type, or motorized bicycle, was first introduced in 1947. It was powered by a 50cc two-stroke engine. In 1948, the Honda Automobile Manufacturer was founded as a result of this.

In 1949, the first Honda motorcycle was manufactured and launched. Throughout this article, the Honda bikes will be discussed in detail and their prices in Pakistan in 2023 too.

Honda Bikes

Honda Bikes started manufacturing in the year 1949 and up till now new modifications have been added and the motorbikes had advanced a lot in the past few years. Some of the bikes that the Honda company had manufactured are as below:

  • Honda 70
  • Honda 100
  • 125 Honda
  • Honda 150
  • Honda 250

These bikes and their variants will be discussed in detail in the article below.

Honda 70

The Honda CD70 motorcycle was introduced in 1984. The Honda CD 70 is indeed a bike that is both reliable and efficient in terms of fuel usage.

Honda 70 has fuel efficiencies of approximately 40 kilometres per litre of gasoline. It is a lightweight, high-performance motorcycle with a 4-stroke, 70-cc engine.

Honda was chastised for simply changing the stickers and tags on CD 70 Bikes and imposing a higher price on consumers. Atlas Honda decided to introduce a new model with a 101 engine with overall frame design upgrades. As a result, customers will receive the Honda CD 70 2023 model featuring numerous improvements and additions.

The Honda 70 featured a rectangular speedometer featuring gear range markers and a top speed of 60 miles per hour (97 kilometres per hour). The top speed was claimed to be 58 miles per hour (93 kilometres per hour).

The engine was improved and changed regularly regular basis.  It featured a variety of shifting logo stickers, and then in 2012, the engine, carburettor, and rear indicators were repositioned closer to the rear light.

 There are two variants of Honda CD 70 bikes:

  1. Honda CD 70 Dream
  2. CD 70 Euro 2 Honda Model

Honda CD 70 Dream

In Pakistan, the Honda CD 70 Dream is the cheapest motorcycle. The CD 70 Dream target audience is primarily from Pakistan. The CD 70 Dream’s service costs are low and economical, making it a popular bike across the country.

Honda CD 70 Dream

In Pakistan, the Honda CD 70 Dream bike costs Rs 90,500. This bike has a 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled engine. This bike has a displacement of 72 cc. This is a Kick Start bike. This bike weighs 82 kg. This bike’s gas tank capacity is 8.6 litres.


Honda CD 70 Dream has a mileage of 80 kilometres per gallon. In Pakistan, the CD 70 Dream offers excellent mileage compared to other motorcycles.

Fuel Capacity

The Honda CD 70 Dream features a 10 litre petrol fuel tank.


This motorbike has a wide range of specifications and it is one of the most interesting bikes available in Pakistan now. Its specifications and features are discussed in the table below and this bike has unique features that are discussed below in the table:

Engine typeAir cooled 4 stroke engine
Bore and stroke47*41.4 mm
Displacement72 cm3
StartKick start
ClutchMulti plate wet clutch
Petrol capacity8.6 litres
TransmissionFour speed constant mesh
Back tyre2.5-17 (4 Pr)
Front Tyre2.25-17(4 Pr)
Weight82 kg

Honda CD 70 Euro 2 Model

Honda CD 70 Euro 2 Model

The Japanese auto manufacturer was accommodated on this bike. The updated model will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome from Honda fans across the country because it is a pioneer. It’s famous since the next edition will be available with a lot more advanced machinery for better presentation, giving clients a spectacular and efficient drive.

The engine was improved and changed regularly regular basis. The Honda CD 70 was introduced in 1984.

The bike comes with a wide range of modifying logo stickers, Euro 2 technology in 2012, as the company made numerous changes to the shape of the engine, carburettor, and rear signals, which were now moved lower near the backlight to distinguish it from other local brands of bikes that were copying its design and shape.

With a three-year warranty system, Honda CD 70 proves to be a long-term investment for its customers. The motorcycle and its parts are available at your door thanks to Atlas Honda’s large dealer network. Its nationwide warranty makes for trouble-free travel companionship.

EngineSingle cylinder of 4-Stroke
Bore Stroke47*41.4mm
ClutchMultiple Wet Plates
StartingKick start
Petrol Capacity8.5 Liter
Tyre Front2.25-17 (4 Pr)
Tyre Back2.50-17 (4 Pr)
Mileage80 kmpl

Honda 100

Honda introduces the Honda Pridor, their newest product with the most cutting-edge design and technology. With its dependable OHC Econo-Power engine, double seater support, and robust suspension, the bike is the best travel companion for a wide range of terrain.

With a 4-Stroke OHC air-cooled single-cylinder cylinder, a comfortable height, and a soothing seat, the Pridor is a feature-rich bike. The bike’s dry weight is only 96 kg, and it starts with only a kick. With its 4-Speed Constant Mesh transmission, streamlined design, and smooth styling, Pridor is a must-have for every rider.

The front suspension of the Pridor is Telescopic Fork 94 mm travel, and the rear suspension is Swingarm 84 mm travel. Some of the features are:

  • It has a Honda 100cc OHC Econo Power engine that lasts a long time.
  • It has a comfortable seat with a backrest and a seat bar.
  • The Honda Pridor has a sleek design and a petrol tank with ornamental side covers.
  • For proper motorcycle handling, it has a rear pipe grip.
  • It boasts a stunning dashboard and a fantastic speedometer.
  • Front lamp and visor that is beautiful and stylish

Some of the variants are:                                                        

  1. Honda Pridor CD 100
  2. CD 100 Euro 2 Honda

Honda Pridor CD 100

This motorcycle is the ideal travel companion for any terrain expedition. The new front dashboard of the Honda Pridor has a twin-panel with houses the speedometer plus fuel gauge. Although the appearance has been updated, the RPM display shall stay unchanged from the original CD 100.

Honda Pridor CD 100

Along with the front console, there seems to be a newly styled headlight, and is yet another spectacular innovation, replacing its old spherical shape with such a contemporary athletic one that matches the bike’s overall appeal.


Because people cannot travel to the gas station every day to fill up their motorcycle tanks, the Honda Pridor has  Fuel Tank Capacity was created. Customers who are planning to buy a new Honda Pridor motorcycle now can fill up the tank with 9.7 litres of fuel. 60 to 70 KM/L is the average mileage.


Honda Pridor CD 100 is one of the best motorbikes available in the market with a great quality features and specifications below in table:

EngineAir-cooled 4 stroke
TransmissionFour speed constant mesh
Displacement97.1 cm3
Fuel tank capacity9.7 Liters
Tire Front2.75-18 (4 Pr)
Tire Back2.75-18 (6 Pr)

Honda CD 100 Euro 2

Honda CD 100 Euro 2 in Pakistan 2023 of the new and fresh model, which includes a variety of features such as the shape and other details. Motorcycles of Honda are a fantastic product, and people ride them for a variety of reasons, including business and pleasure.

Honda CD 100 Euro 2

Some of the features of Honda CD 100 Euro 2 are as follows:

  • The new CD 100 Euro 2 model has high strength, and the bike’s engine can provide a smooth ride through a variety of terrains.
  •  The bike has a top speed of 112 kph and can reach 121 kph.
  • The motorcycle’s engine is revving up. Honda Euro 2 is equipped with smooth braking, reduced vibration, and good road grip.
  •  The motorcycle’s average fuel consumption is 60 kilometers per liter, and it drops to 48 kilometers per liter when driven quickly.

This motorbike has great quality features and some of its specifications are shown below in table. Honda CD 100 Euro 2 is one of the best selling bikes in Pakistan. Specifications are shown as below:

EngineSingle cylinder of four stroke
ClutchMulti wet plate
TransmissionFour speed
FrameBackbone frame
Petrol Capacity12 Litres
Ground clearance156 mm

Honda 125

Honda 125 cc bikes have a displacement of 125 cc. For a long time, the 125 Honda has been a style emblem; a mark of style, flawlessness, and power. The CG 125 is an excellent severe roadmaster for a variety of streets and never disappoints in terms of comfort and economy.

Honda 125 is an incredible outcome of the most modern Japanese ingenuity to withstand and perform at its best in every condition. The Honda CG 125 2023 now features Euro II technology, which provides exceptional miles per kilometre while maintaining a good balance of performance and road grip.

Variants of Honda 125 cc are as follows:

  1. Honda CG 125
  2. CG 125 Self Honda
  3. Honda CB 125

Honda CG 125

In comparison to other motorcycles on the market, the CG 125 Honda still has an out-of-date appearance.

Honda CG 125

The company claims to have made 55 changes to the new model (including the frame and engine), but these do not improve the motorcycle’s appeal because the general design remains identical and antiquated.

Some of the features are as follows:

  • The two-engine wheelers have been improved multiple times by the manufacturer.
  • Now satisfies the Euro II standard, making it the top choice for many clients looking for a cost-effective yet dependable mode of transportation.
  • New carburettors, taillights, seats, and headlights have all been added to the Honda CG 125 over the years.
  • The Honda CG 125 is noted for its dependability, ease of maintenance, and durability.

The motorcycle has the highest resale value in its class, which is crucial for Pakistanis when purchasing any vehicle. Some of specifications of this motorbike are as follows:

EngineAir cooled four stroke
Bore and stroke56.5*49.5 mm
StartKick start
TransmissionFour speed constant mesh
Ground clearance132mm
Petrol capacity9.2 litres

Honda CB 125F

The Honda CB 125F has a single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled OHV engine with a 9:0:1 compression ratio and a displacement of 124.1 cc.

The bore of the bike is 56.6mm, and the stroke is 59.5mm. It has a 122kg dry weight and a 12.3L fuel tank. The CB 125F Honda sports a five-speed transmission and both self-start and kickstart options.

Honda CB 125F

The Honda CB 125F has an excellent ride quality, and you will not experience any pain when riding it. Features such as alloy rims, an attractive speedometer, and self-start are well worth the money. Honda has been servicing Pakistanis for many years, and each of the company’s products has its own distinct class and quality.

EngineAir cooled Engine four stroke
ClutchWet Multi Plate
Horsepower10.7 Hp
Transmission Five speed
Dimension2053*742*1095 mm
StartingKick start
Petrol Capacity12.3L
Fuel Average35 km/l

Honda 150

The Honda 150 is part of Honda’s wide CB motorcycle line. Atlas Honda manufactures this motorcycle in Pakistan.

The Honda CB 150F is a commuter motorcycle that runs on the road. A 4 stroke SOHC air-cooled 150cc engine and balancer powers the CB 150F Honda 2023. The bike has a bore and stroke of 57.3 and 57.8 mm, respectively, with a displacement of 149.2 cm3.

The vehicle has a 1311-mm wheelbase and a 168-mm ground clearance. A 5-speed constant mesh transmission is installed on the motorcycle. The front suspension on the Honda Cb 150F is 107 mm Telescopic Fork, and the back suspension is 91 mm Swing Arm. The bike does have a seat height of 766 mm and weighs 124 kg dry.

Honda 150 has following variants:

  1. CB 150F Honda

Honda CB 150F

The CB 150F has a sleek and contemporary appearance. A headlamp with LED foglamps and a dipper is mounted on the bike’s front. A super neodymium magnet key is included in the bike’s shutter lock system.

Honda CB 150F

A fuel gauge, a gear indicator, and a trip metre are all found on the speedometer. Prominent tail light is mounted on the bike’s rear aluminium grab rail. New artwork have been added to the gasoline tank, and the garnish includes an aerodynamic muffler exhaust system.


The Honda CB 150F 2023 has a fuel efficiency of 35 kilometres per litre and a top speed of 140 kilometres per hour.


Motorbike of 150 cc has a set of specifications that are being discussed here in the following table:

EngineTurbo Cooled engine with four stroke
ClutchWet multi plate
Horsepower17.5 Hp
Transmission5 speed
Torque12.6 Nm
StartKick start
Petrol Capacity13L

Honda 250

For the past few years, Honda has been producing motorcycles, including 70cc, 125cc, and 250cc models. Honda manufactures two-wheelers with 250cc engines. In the 250cc and higher category, Honda has a wide range of products. CBR 250 R, CB 250 F, and other 250cc Honda motorcycles are available.

There are the following variants of Honda 250 bikes in Pakistan:

  1. Honda CBR 250 R
  2. CB 250 F Honda

Honda CBR 250 R

The Honda CBR 250 R is a lightweight sport bike with a 250cc engine. It features a 4-stroke engine with four cylinders. The CBR 250 R Honda is a stylish motorcycle with a substantial build. Due to its looks and sporty nature, it is quite popular among the younger generation.

Honda CBR 250 R

The Honda CB 250 F motorcycle offers a wide range of features, and it has several high-quality designs and specifications, such as its engine, capacity, and ignition. Sport and contemporary gasoline tanks offer the design language a more attractive aspect. The following is a list of Honda CBR 250R specifications:

EngineA four stroke, DOHC engine
Cylinder4 cylinders
Bore stroke48.5*33.8mm
StartingElectric start
Transmission6 speed
Front brakes2*275mm
Back brakesSingle 220mm
Front tyre110/70
Rear tyre140/60
Fuel Capacity13L

Honda CB 250 F

The cheapest Honda and Honda heavy bike in Pakistan is the CB 250F. In Pakistan, the CB 250F is intended at a wide spectrum of consumers. The cheap and affordable maintenance expenses of the CB 250F make it a popular bike all around the country. Honda also produced the Honda CD 70, Honda 125, and 250 Honda motorcycles.

Honda CB 250 F

The Honda CB 250 F motorcycle comes with a wide range of features, including a high-quality engine, capacity, and ignition. Sport and contemporary gasoline tanks help to elevate the design language. The following are the specifications of the Honda CBR 250R:

Engine4 stroke
CylindersSingle cylinder
Displacement249 cc
ClutchWet type
Bore Stroke71*63mm
Fuel Capacity16.5L
FrameSteel, Cradle
Front Tyre110-70
Back Tyre140-70
StartingSelf start
Cooling SystemAir cooled and oil cooler
Petrol capacity16.5 Litres
Front suspensionTelescopic front
Back suspensionMonoshock swing arm

Honda Bikes Price in Pakistan in 2023

Honda has introduced Honda CD 70, Honda 100, Honda 125, 150 Honda and Honda 250 motorbikes available in Pakistan. The prices of these motorbikes here available in Pakistan are as follows:

Honda BikesPrice in Pakistan
Honda CD 70 DreamPKR 165,900/=
Honda CD 70 Euro 2PKR 154,900
Honda Pridor CD 100PKR 203,900/=
Honda CD 100 Euro 2Above 80 Thousand Rupees
Honda CG 125PKR 229,900/=
Honda CB 125PKR 380,900/=
Honda CB 150FPKR 473,900/=
Honda CBR 250RPKR 16-18 Lac
Honda CB 250 FPKR 8,75,250


In this article above, all the bikes available with Honda are discussed in detail. Their variants have been discussed too. The Price in Pakistan of Honda bikes in 2023 are also shown in the table above along with its specification detail too.

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