Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Global Demand For Pakistani Rice has Increased Significantly

India has increased the demand for Pakistani rice in the global market. According to the details, due to India’s ban on the export of non-basmati rice, the demand for Pakistani rice in the world market has increased tremendously.

Chairman Rice Exporters Association Chillaram said that this year Pakistan will export rice worth more than 3 billion dollars, and the price of basmati rice increased by 100 dollars per ton.

He said that before the ban on Indian rice, the price of Pakistani non-basmati was $450, now the price of Pakistani rice in the international market has reached $500.

Chairman Rice Exporters Association said that due to the good quality of Pakistani non-basmati rice, the price will reach 600 dollars.

This year, Russia will also purchase 5 rice from Pakistan, 27 Russian companies will purchase non-basmati rice from Pakistan, while talks are ongoing for the purchase of Pakistani rice from Mexico.

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