Friday, April 19, 2024

Golden Opportunity for Drivers in UAE to Reduce their Black Points on ‘Day Without Accidents’

After a gap of two months, yellow school buses are back on the roads of the UAE as hundreds of thousands of students return to school on Monday, marking the beginning of the new academic year. To ensure the safety of the students, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has designated August 28 as a ‘Day Without Accidents’.

As part of this initiative, drivers are encouraged to take a pledge to drive safely on that day. This pledge can be taken on the MoI website. If drivers manage to avoid accidents and traffic violations on this day, they will have four black points removed from their driving licenses.

Importantly, this process will happen automatically, eliminating the need for drivers to visit any service centers for this purpose. Black points are penalties given to drivers for serious traffic violations. If a driver accumulates 24 black points, their license can be suspended.

In light of this campaign, the MoI has shared several safety tips for drivers to follow. These tips correspond to specific traffic violations, including not leaving a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, failing to give way to pedestrians, not wearing seat belts, speeding, using mobile phones while driving, not yielding to emergency vehicles, sudden lane changes, failing to stop for school bus stop signs, improper parking, and allowing children to sit in the front seat.

Each violation comes with its respective fine and black points, ranging from fines of Dh400 to Dh3,000 and various amounts of black points.

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