Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Google Bard Can Now Answer Questions about Youtube Video

Google has made a significant improvement to its AI chatbot, Bard, by enabling it to respond to questions related to the content of YouTube videos. This enhancement was announced in an update on Bard’s progress page, where Google mentioned that they are initiating the first phases of Bard’s ability to comprehend YouTube videos.

This development allows users to ask more detailed questions about the content of a video, going beyond general searches. For example, users can inquire about specific details from the first video in a search, like the ingredients needed for a recipe. Google is expanding the capabilities of the YouTube Extension for Bard to meet user demand for more meaningful interactions and conversations about video content.

In the previous update, Bard’s YouTube extension primarily helped users find specific videos based on subjects or preferences, such as funny videos. However, this latest update empowers users to pose specific questions directly related to the content of the selected videos.

Just two weeks before this announcement, YouTube had been experimenting with new generative AI features, exploring ways to answer questions about the platform’s content and introducing a feature that condenses topics found in video comments.

Additionally, Google has expanded access to Google Bard for teenagers in multiple countries, emphasizing the tool’s utility in discovering inspiration, exploring new hobbies, and solving everyday problems. This reflects Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement and utility through AI advancements.

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