Sunday, June 4, 2023

Google Reporedly Working on a New AI-Powered Search Engine

Google’s search engine is falling behind Microsoft’s and OpenAI’s burgeoning AI rivals. The business is vying for market share against a new AI-powered search engine

Under the codename “Magi,” the corporation is also creating new AI features for its current search engine.A chatbot that can create code snippets and respond to questions about software engineering is among the characteristics the reported search engine would include. Users will be able to search for music using a chatbot feature as well. Google has already tasked 160 staff with working on the project.

The chatbot would be able to scan the webpage and provide context using a Chrome feature called “Searchalong.” ‘GIFI’ and ‘Tivoli Tutor’ would be able to instruct Google Image Search to produce images and have a chatbot conversation to learn a new language.

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