Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Google’s AI System- Helps Blind People to Run without Human Assistance

Google is continuously working on innovative ideas and new artificial intelligence (AI) system that will help the visually impaired blind people run races. Project Guidelines are still in the early stages; however, it aims to let all blind people run freely without the help of any person’s guide or human volunteers support.

It works in a way that the visually impaired runner has attached with the Android phone the person’s waist with a specially designed harness. The phone is also linked with the Project Guideline app, and that uses the phone’s camera to track the guideline on the road that is typically a yellow line which is in the middle.

By using the bone-conducting headphones, this app warns the runner with the audio cues and if they start straying from the given guideline. The sound cues also get louder in one ear as if they start straying off more towards one side. The app can also work in a number of different weathers and in all lighting conditions; however, it does not need any internet connection or network.

The Project Guideline is also under development with the help of Thomas Panek, president, whereas the CEO of Guiding Eyes for visually impaired and the blind runners. The company is also looking for a partnership with different organizations just to set up the courses with painted guidelines which are across the different communities to facilitate the blind runners everywhere around.

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