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Learn pattern analysis through these free courses on Data Mining

Organizations around the world are searching for data engineers with storage being filled and the world’s data constantly growing at a fast speed, which can help categorize and draw significant conclusions from the datasets they have. One of these approaches is called Data Mining which, through a combination of statistics and machine learning, mainly searches for trends within large datasets.

We will look at free courses in this article to learn the basics of Data Mining:

  • Data Mining using an Open Source Machine Learning Software-Udemy

WEKA (Waikato Environment for Information Analysis), which is a machine learning suite built using Java, will teach you to use this course. Using the instrument, you can learn about data pre-processing, clustering methods, regression and data visualization. Through WEKA, you can learn to make predictions using datasets and learn the basics of models for data science and machine learning along the way. The course consists of content worth 3.5 hours, which is relatively good if you are on a tight schedule and need to quickly learn the fundamentals of Data Mining.

  • Data Analytics – Mining and Analysis of Big Data – Alison

The foremost division covering the concept of Data Mining is Data Analytics. You can learn the mining rules of association and regular patterns and how to group them together to form a conclusion. Apart from the fundamentals of big data and K-means clustering, the apriori algorithm will also be clarified. The course concludes by developing some solutions to the problem of multi-arm bandits and a brief description of what stochastic issues are.

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