Monday, March 4, 2024

Governor Sindh and Mayor Istanbul Agrees to declare Karachi, Istanbul. “Sister cities”

Imran Ismail, the governor of Sindh, and Ekrem Gmamoglu, the mayor of Istanbul, have agreed to make Karachi and Istanbul sister cities.

The Governor met with Ekrem Gmamoglu in Istanbul, Turkey, according to a statement released here. They also talked about other subjects of mutual importance, such as the need to develop Pakistan-Turkey ties.

The Governor requested that the Mayor share the report on the Istanbul Metro project, which the Mayor promised to do as quickly as possible. The Governor also invited a group of Turkish experts to visit Karachi in order to design a contemporary transportation system in the model of Istanbul’s mass transit system. The Governor was informed that a summit was being held in a Balkan city in November, and that the Mayor of Istanbul had personally invited Governor Sindh to attend.

A lengthy debate about how to properly hire jobless Pakistanis in Istanbul was also held. The Governor extended an invitation to the Mayor of Istanbul to come to Karachi, which he gladly accepted. It was also revealed that a 120-kilometer metro line was being built in Istanbul.

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