Friday, May 24, 2024

Govt. Approves a Major Relief Package for Private Schools

A Relief Programme for low-cost private educational institutions has been approved by the Federal Government, providing interest-free loans to colleges, extending enrollment deadlines and school registrations by one year and allowing students to attend schools once a week.

The decision was taken following a meeting with the Federal Secretary for Education by a delegation of the Association of Private Educational Institutions which was led by the Zia Batool who is the Chairperson of Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority.

Delegation told the Federal Secretary of the problems that the educational institutions were facing due to the pandemic and urged her on 11 January to reopen the schools at any cost.

The federal secretary told the delegation that a summary was prepared to provide small schools with interest-free loans to enable them to access loans in easy instalments.

Farah Hamid added that in order to ensure that no student is deprived of their education, the submission date for admissions for matriculation and intermediate exams has been extended.

The conference also agreed to call students to schools once a week for their homework to assist the administrations and teachers of the schools in planning for homework, administering tests, and keeping the educational record.

Also, the meeting was attended by the President of the All Pakistan Private Schools and Colleges Association, Malik Abrar Hussain, President of the Private Schools Management Association, Raja Arshad Mahmood, President of the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS), Chaudhry Obaidullah, and Dr. Ephraim Satti.

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