Sunday, May 19, 2024

Govt. to Launch an Automated Retirement System for Teachers

The government of Punjab is taking steps to digitize the government employee retirement system, beginning with the automation of the School Education Department (SED) worker’s retirement settlement process.

Dr. Murad Raas, Punjab’s Minister of Education, chaired a meeting on this issue on Thursday.

DG IT-Operations, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Faisal Yousaf, told the Minister of the progress made in the creation of the SED online retirement system.

During the meeting, the minister said after digitizing the retirement process, teachers will not have to bribe.

While speaking after the meeting with media outlets, Dr. Murad noted that previous governments did not take any action to make teachers’ lives easier.

He concluded that by fully automating the department, the PTI-led Punjab government aims to introduce accountability into the SED.

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