Monday, February 26, 2024

Govt Approves Rs. 4 Billion for Defence Ministry to Meet Expenses

The ECC (Economic Coordination Committee) has given its approval to two projects aimed at preserving the Indus Delta Mangroves. These projects are expected to generate profits worth $220 million by 2043, according to the Ministry of Climate Change.

During the meeting, the ECC also allocated Rs20 billion for development schemes proposed by lawmakers. Additionally, a grant of Rs4 billion was approved to cover the expenses of the Defence Ministry.

The agenda for the ECC meeting originally consisted of ten points, including the potential approval of a technical supplementary grant of Rs10.5 billion for the Ministry of Health. The meeting also aimed to review the consumption of urea fertilizer in the country and determine the price for the sale of wheat held by PASSCO (Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation).

Furthermore, the Ministry of Climate Change is likely to receive a technical supplementary grant, while a payment mechanism for settling dues with Uch Power Limited could be approved.

A grant of Rs25 million is expected to be approved for the president’s secretariat, which will be used for employee salaries and pensions. The Intelligence Bureau might receive a supplementary grant of Rs803 million, and the Ministry of Housing could potentially obtain a technical supplementary grant of Rs497.2 million.

Additionally, a summary requesting additional funds for the Ministry of Information is likely to receive approval.

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