Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Govt Reduces Petrol Price by Rs 4.74, New Price Rs. 268.36/ Litre

The government has announced a reduction in petrol prices by Rs 4.74 per litre. This adjustment brings the new price of petrol down to Rs 268.36 per litre. Additionally, the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) has been decreased by Rs 3.86 per litre, setting the new price at Rs 270.22 per litre.

This price reduction follows a previous cut on May 15, when petrol prices were lowered by Rs 15.39 per litre and HSD prices by Rs 7.88 per litre. The current reduction continues the government’s efforts to ease the financial burden on Pakistani citizens and to lower nationwide inflation.

These consecutive price cuts are intended to help reduce transportation costs and, in turn, the prices of goods and services throughout the country.

The government’s strategy aims to provide ongoing economic relief and support for households and businesses.

Officials are committed to monitoring global oil prices and making necessary adjustments to ensure the public benefits from any potential decreases in the cost of crude oil. By doing so, they hope to stimulate economic activity and improve the overall financial well-being of the citizens.

The new prices for petrol and high-speed diesel will be effective for the next fortnight, starting from June 1.

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