Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Govt. to Prepare Red Data List of Wildlife Species in Pakistan

The Ministry of Climate Change is drawing up Pakistan’s first ever Red Data List of Wildlife Species. In different parts of the world, the list will represent current wildlife species facing extinction or threats to their existence.

According to news, the Ministry of Climate Change has taken the initiative to protect and conserve wild animals scattered across Pakistan.

Based on internationally accepted standards, the Red Data List will provide data collection that will help determine the extinction threats of thousands of species and subspecies.

The Country was explored by 50 wildlife scientists and biodiversity experts, scholars, surveyors and members of IUCN-Pakistan, WWF-P, Pakistan Zoological Survey and Pakistan Wildlife Conservation Society. Also, appropriate data was prepared for the list.

A senior official quoted sources close to the Ministry of Climate Change, who said that the Red Data List will be the most detailed record of wildlife plants, animals, and other species vital to the global ecosystem’s maintenance. He announced,

“The Red List would be a vital indicator of the health of the biodiversity of the world, plagued by numerous threats to its sustainability. Details on the range, population size, habitat, and ecology will also be given.”

In order to preserve and protect wild animals in Pakistan, wildlife experts and activists have called this initiative vital, most of which are already facing extinction due to environmental change, poaching, hunting and some other unfortunate circumstances.

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