Friday, June 2, 2023

Govt willing to auction Pakistan’s Embassy building in US

The minister said the cabinet gave approval to a proposal for auctioning one of the two buildings in Washington owned by the Pakistan Embassy.  

She said that in 2010, the then-prime minister had approved the renovation of these two buildings. She said the renovation of one of the buildings had been completed, but only 60 percent of the work on the other building could be completed.  

The minister said the US government had revoked the diplomatic status of the building, and so far the government had paid $819,000 as tax.  

She said that after 2019, $1.3 million in taxes had been paid on the building without any use. As the building was not suitable for use due to incomplete renovation and the abolition of its diplomatic status. She said, the cabinet approved the proposal for auctioning the building.  

A bid of $4.5 million was given for the building, but it had now increased to $6.9 million. If Pakistan did not auction the building, the US would itself do so, she added.

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