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Haier Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Models with Features

During the summers, Pakistan’s climatic conditions can be exceedingly dry and hot, making air conditioners necessary. However, this AC inverter technology has raised the need for air conditioners far more based on the current energy shortage. Haier air conditioners have gained popularity in recent years due to their affordability and durability. The Haier Inverter AC price in Pakistan is quite reasonable and admirable.

Summer is here in full attack mode. Anything can be made to grill by the scorching heat and brisk breezes. An air conditioner seems to be a lifesaver in such circumstances. It lowers the house’s temperature and helps you to relax at home.

Haier is a renowned brand that consistently creates goods that are equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, Haier has always supplied innovative and convenient features to its buyers and is known to be entirely trustworthy in terms of price and quality.

In Pakistan, the inverter ACs of Haier is one of the best inverter AC because they are one of the best in terms of performance and function. These air conditioners can help you conserve up to 65% of your energy bill. They’re also helpful in providing quick cooling and long-term durability.

In this article about Haier inverter AC prices in Pakistan, we have selected some of the best inverter AC in Pakistan to make the buying process much more straightforward for our customers.

Latest Models of Haier Inverter Ac in Pakistan

Now we’ll go through the top Haier inverter AC models, as well as their features and prices. This discussion will assist you in choosing the best inverter air conditioner in Pakistan.

Haier HSU-18HFAA 1.5 Ton Split AC

This Haier AC inverter is one of the most effective alternatives on the market. In addition, the AC inverter arrives with an intelligent device that allows you to control your air conditioner from anywhere. The Haier Inverter AC 1.5-ton price in Pakistan is PKR 88,950, which is the best value for its features.

Haier HSU-18HFAA 1.5 Ton Split AC Price in Pakistan


  • It includes a smart device that enables the users to access the air conditioner from anywhere within a specific range.
  • It’s an energy-efficient model with long-distance airflow.
  • It features both a cooling and heating function.
  • This AC has an anti-corrosion body and a hidden LED display
  • It has 3D airflow to ensure that air is circulated to every corner of the room
  • The power input is 320- 1428 in the 1.5-ton capacity.
  • It also includes a Refrigerant R410a.
  • The fixed DC inverter is installed with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and a heating capacity of 12000 BTU.

Smart Inverter HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC

The Haier Inverter AC HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC(G) is equipped with the most up-to-date intelligent and trendy features to make your life easier. It has the following characteristics:


  • It comes with a modern WIFI configuration technology, making it much easier for clients to handle their air conditioner.
  • It has a one-touch cleaning system that allows the filth to be erased by the built-in defrosting system.
  • This AC has a turbo cooling and heating system that gives relaxation at all times.
  • It immediately converts to UPS mode for low-frequency operation thanks to an inverter plus UPS system function.
Smart Inverter HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC

Haier DC Inverter HSU-12SGF/012UDC (g)

Haier’s air conditioners in the Pakistan series include the Haier DC Inverter, which saves up to 66 percent on electricity, making it one of the top 1-ton inverter air conditioners on the market.

The Haier DC Inverter AC price in Pakistan is PKR 58,000. With its excellent features and cooling, this is an air conditioner that is well worth the money.

Haier DC Inverter HSU-12SGF/012UDC (g) Price in Pakistan


  • It comes with a one-touch cleaning mechanism that wipes dirt from the evaporator.
  • It offers excellent turbo cool with long-distance airflow
  • This AC has powerful cooling and heating 
  • It consumes 320 – 1440 Watts of power 
  • It features UPS enabling technology to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • This AC also has a low compressor frequency, which reduces vibration and sound. 
  • It has a hidden LED display.
  • A one-year warranty also supports it.

Haier 12HFPAA 013WUSDC (G) DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The Haier 12HFPAA 013WUSDC (G) DC Inverter Air Conditioner is exceptionally environmentally friendly and low in running costs. It is, without a doubt, Pakistan’s best DC inverter air conditioner.

Haier 12HFPAA 013WUSDC (G) DC Inverter Air Conditioner


  • It is a 1-ton air conditioner with inverter technology 
  • It is a wall-mounted split air conditioner with 3D airflow
  • This AC has a self-cleaning feature for a safe and healthy atmosphere 
  • It is a USB and Wi-Fi enabled inverter air conditioner
  • It includes an anti-corrosion R32 refrigerant and a concealed LED display.
  • Comes in a variety of hues, including gold, silver, and black.
  • Haier offers a one-year components guarantee and a three-year compressor warranty.

Haier Inverter AC Price in Pakistan

The product’s series and characteristics determine the price of a Haier inverter air conditioner. Haier inverter AC prices in Pakistan is

Haier Inverter ACsPrice in Pakistan
Haier HSU-18HFAA 1.5 Ton Split AC  PKR 88,950
Smart Inverter HSU-18HFCA/022WUSDC  PKR 83,999
Haier DC Inverter HSU-12sgf/012udc(g)  PKR 58,000
Haier 12HFPAA DC Inverter Air ConditionerPKR 75,000


To conclude, Haier is known for producing dependable, long-lasting products, and these inverters have received mostly positive reviews from the majority of reviewers in the country, making them desirable. The feature and the price are the most important considerations when selecting an air conditioner.

In comparison to other brands, the Haier Inverter AC price in Pakistan is affordable. In addition, Haier inverter AC has advanced features to provide comfort that are difficult to find elsewhere.

All of the above choices are better options, and they do not compromise on quality. As a result, Haier inverter air conditioners have made it highly convenient for those looking for economical, dependable, high-quality, and high-tech inverter air conditioners.

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