Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hasan Ali Kasi to Lead Largest Taraweeh Gatheing in USA

Hassan Ali Kasi from Balochistan, Pakistan, who won the international Quran recitation competition in Afghanistan, competing with 25 countries, is leading America’s largest Taraweeh gathering.

Hassan Ali Kasi is a Qari and Hafiz e Quran from Quetta, Pakistan. In 2021, Kasi won first place in a Quran recitation competition Siraj Al-Kabeer, held in Afghanistan.

Kasi was eight years old when he began to earn recognition for his memorization and Qira’at skills and memorized the Quran at early age. He learned Tajwid from his father and recitation styles from his uncle.

Kasi finished college in Quetta and later moved to Islamabad to continue Islamic studies at International Islamic University Islamabad

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